Nexera Properties implements development projects in both new construction, expansion, reposition and renovations. Nexera Properties manages all aspects of development projects, including feasibility, design and construction. From project inception to completion, the Nexera Properties development team work directly with architects, engineers, subcontractors, interior designers and suppliers. With our network of resources and trade partner relationships, projects are closely overseen to ensure highest quality, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness to maximize investments.

Our philosophy is to be actively involved in all aspects of the development process, especially in the major steps of feasibility analysis, design, contractor selection, and construction management. Even in those areas where a highly experienced consultant is performing the task, our team will thoroughly review the work product and challenge the development team to provide alternative solutions and optimize the final product.

Nexera Properties approaches each project with the goal to maximize value and create a long-term viable asset. Nexera Properties ensures that capital is spent wisely and that the project is completed on schedule and on budget.